To write or to do, that is the question

I have been so busy lately I have neglected posting. I have been taking photos and making notes of my various ferments. I will write more this summer. It has been more fun and less time consuming micro blogging on twitter for now. @FRFerments

Current ferments

Sourdough, rye and bread flour starters
Milk kefir
Skyr, Icelandic yogurt
Salted whey, maturing
Nukazuke, Japanese rice brand pickles
Kasuzuke, Japanese style vegetables pickled in sake lees
Natto, Japanese fermented soybeans
Choujiu, Chinese white rice wine
Homebrew beer, mead, wine
Lactofermented lemons
Vinegars, Cabernet and ginger beer

Future ferments

Water kefir
Villi, Finnish yogurt
Quark cheese
Halloumi cheese
Lactofermented summer vegetables such as sour kraut and pickles


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